About us

VIGOR d.o.o is the manufacturer of the specific textile products, woven and printed. Our technological equipment and personnel has led us to the place of the leaders in this part of Europe which speaks our works.

Our customers are:


-Telekom Srbija,

-VIP mobile

-Almost all local breweries,


-The Armed Forces of BIH,

-Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs of BIH

-Police of the Republic of Serbian,

-Hungary's armed forces,

-Serbian Interior Ministry,

-Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia, (all woven labels for our military (shoulder straps, sleeve labels, the breasts, the hats, hat,...)) Is exclusively produced in our manufacturing facilities for 4 years.

-Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia

-Football Association of Serbia FSS

-Sports Association Partizan Belgrade

-Sports Association Red Star Belgrade

-Basketball Federation of Serbia

-Olympic Committee of Serbia...and about 1000 satisfied customers in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Great Britain, Hungary...